Our Processes

Hand Laminate

We process fiber composite plastics using a variety of processes – including the hand laminate process.

Vacuum Expansion Process

We participated in the development of the vacuum expansion process which sandwiches glass fiber reinforcements with foamed polyester resins in construction.

Resin Transfer Molding

Using the RTM process, we manufacture fiber composite plastics by vacuum (VA-RTM) and high-pressure injection (HP-RTM).

Wet Pressing Processes

The process of wet pressing allows for the manufacture of fiber composite plastics with a high proportion of fiber volume and smooth surfaces on both sides.

SMC Hot Pressing

Sheet molding compound hot pressing is a technique by which premixed molding compounds made of plastic resin and fibers are processed into fiber composite plastics using low-pressure presses.

Reaction Injection Molding

With the RIM technique, we process polyurethane into compact foam, integral rigid foam, and semi-rigid foam.


We process thermoplastics by deep drawing.


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