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More than plastics

C.F. Maier manufactures components and systems made of plastic. We are a respected partner to many sectors of industry, especially the European commercial vehicle industry.

Nutz- und Sonderfahrzeuge mit Bauteilen von C.F. Maier

Commercial and Special-Purpose Vehicles

We have many years of experience in the production of components for coaches and city buses as well as commercial and special-purpose vehicles. For exterior trim, we primarily use fiberglass-reinforced polyester resin or polyurethane. Interior linings are foamed from polyurethane or thermoformed from thermoplastic semi-finished products.

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Reisemobile und Wohnmobildächer

Mobile Homes and Camper Roofs

We manufacture pop-up roofs, high roofs and other camping accessories under our SCA brand. For the production of large-area parts with high stability and weather resistance, fiberglass-reinforced plastic is ideally suited. We also use thermoformed thermoplastics for outer skin parts of motorhomes.

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Medizintechnik und Maschinenbau

Medical Technology and Mechanical Engineering

We manufacture high-precision housings and housing parts made of polyurethane for the optical industry, medical and chemical technology and equipment manufacturing. On customer request, we offer our products surface-treated (painted or screen-printed) as well as with internal EMC protection or flame protection according to UL 94 VO.

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Umwelt- und Wasserwirtschaft

Environment and Water Management

C.F. Maier has specialized in the production of covering systems for over 40 years. You will also find recycling containers and street furniture components in our product range. Due to its corrosion resistance, fiberglass-reinforced plastic is ideally suited to withstand the effects of weather over the long term.

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