Medical Technology and Mechanical Engineering

Leuchtenverkleidung für OP-Bereich
Medizintechnik-Gehäuse mit Display
Frontverkleidung des Axio-Mikroskopscanners von Zeiss

Medical Technology

C.F. Maier manufactures instrument housings, covers, and panels out of polyurethane (integral, compact, and flexible foam) and with the help of thermoformed parts for the medical- and chemical engineering and optical industries.

We make housings for functional devices such as blood gas analyzers, urine sample analyzers, or laboratory devices for chemical analysis.

PUR systems’ main advantage is their low density. Different wall thicknesses can also be easily achieved. The SMC process can also be used to manufacture paneling parts for medium and large series with glass fiber reinforced plastic.

We give the molded parts a textured finish and add screen-printed inscriptions if needed. A UL 94 VO rated flame-retardant coating, or one which conforms to internal EMC protection is possible upon request.

Arbeitsplatz eines Kommissionierstaplers für Hochregallager
Arbeitsplatz im Terex-Mobilkran
Estrich-Mschine FHS 320
Lampengehäuse mit Handgriffen
Hauptbedienstelle einer Vögele-Asphaltieranlage

Mechanical Engineering

We manufacture larger surface cladding elements using glass-fiber reinforced plastic for machine construction with a hand-laminate process.

The material PUR is ideal for smaller housing parts. Elements made of PUR foam can, for example, take on a cold-insulating function. Inserts can be foamed easily. If required, the electronics can be protected by adding a coat of conductive copper paint.


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