Mobile Homes and Camper Roofs

Frontmaske, hergestellt im VEX-Verfahren mit formgeschäumtem PU-Kern
Hymer RV on the road
Wohnmobil mit nach Kundenwunsch lackierten Bauteilen
Adria-Motorhaube im Anlieferzustand mit anmontierter Scheibe und Scheibenwischern
Mobile home «Sonic» by Adria

Mobile Homes

Outer body parts for mobile homes are one of the C.F. Maier’s main production areas. We manufacture vehicle fronts, engine hoods, rear panels, alcoves, and much more.

Production of outer body parts for mobile homes has been one of C.F. Maier’s main production areas for many years. The components are mainly made of polyurethane foam – and some are fiber-reinforced. This material allows for a weight reduction of up to 40 percent when compared to other plastics – without any loss of stability. Large, complex structures that require little assembly effort can be produced in a single piece. The material’s insulating and surface properties are also excellent. PUR components thus excel at meeting the requirements of the caravan and motorhome sector.

The most common method we use to manufacture RV body panels is the Vacuum Expansion (VEX) process. The VEX process allows for the production of excellently insulated outer body parts with smooth surfaces on both sides. Thanks to the addition of a gelcoat layer, parts do not need to be painted. But we can paint them in special colors, including multicolored and metallic tones upon request. Our water-based paint systems improve color uniformity on various substrate materials (GRP, ABS, aluminum).

The sandwiched construction with a PUR foam core also is advantageous because cables, hoses, pipes, furniture anchors, and other wood, metal, or plastic elements can be embedded in the component and are therefore not visible later. This also helps save time during installation.

We can manufacture components in small quantities using a hand laminate process. PUR molded foam insulation can be added to these components if desired. If special materials are required, we can also produce components by deep drawing materials such as acrylic glass.

We can also do things like glue in panes, attach fabric linings to the inside of components, foam aluminum sheets and pipes into the component, or pull in cables upon request. We can also take on the complete assembly.

Examples of the components we produce include vehicle fronts, engine hoods, rear panels, alcoves, dashboard covers, A-pillar trims, taillights, side reflectors, hazard warning triangles, wheel well covers, skirt rails, spoilers, radiator fins, and many other products for mobile homes and caravans.

Mercedes-Benz V-Class is transformed into a vacation vehicle by the addition of a sleeping roof
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with SCA high roof
Aufstelldach von SCA, in verschiedenen Ausführungen für alle gängigen Kleinbus- und Kastenwagentypen erhältlich
SCA pop-up roof: Painted roof shell, fabric bellows and gas struts in detail view
VW T6 mit geöffnetem SCA-Schlafdach

SCA Roofs

C.F. Maier brings around 35 years of experience in the field of motor home roofs to the table. Under the SCA brand, we produce and sell high-quality pop-up roofs and high roofs for many car brands and a wide range of basic vehicles.

C.F. Maier has been producing motorhome roofs under the SCA brand since 1987. GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) material is used, and processed using one of two different techniques: hand laminate and vacuum expansion (VEX). The vacuum expansion process is a production method we developed ourselves, and it offers many advantages in the fields of pop-up roofs and high roofs, among others.

A pop-up roof or high roof increases the vehicle’s headroom, and the additional sleeping space also provides more space and a more comfortable travel experience – especially with family.

Our range of high roofs includes a total of seven roofs in different designs and heights for five different car brands. Regardless of whether it's additional interior paneling, an insulating layer, or GRP roof bows for attaching extensions such as beds – we supply the right roof for a wide variety of requirements.

Our range of pop-up roofs includes twenty-five different roofs for ten different car brands. The roofs are variable in terms of installation type, installation height, and features. There are a variety of different fasteners, manual or electric set-up options, standard or panoramic versions, different mattress thicknesses, and bed furnishings options.

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SCA Service

Our roofs are supplied not only to RV builders, but they can also be fitted to individuals’ own vehicles at our SCA service workshop in Königsbronn. We also offer a variety of other camping products that can be installed in a vehicle when retrofitting a pop-up roof in our workshop. These include window installations, solar panels, C-rails, rain gutters, or guard rails for when traveling with children.

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