About us

C.F. Maier is a reliable long-term partner because we represent sincerity and a healthy economic foundation.

Our goals and guidelines

We are a fourth-generation family company. Values ​​such as reliability, fairness, and responsibility have been and are an integral part of our company guidelines. With our knowledge and ideas, we create innovative products, services, and solutions to secure our future.

CF Maier is a competent long-term partner, because:

• The qualification, motivation, and information of our employees is the foundation of our company group.
• Our customers are our partners, and they help determine the success of our company.
• We think innovativeness and limited risk go hand in hand.
• We believe diversification means creating a wide selection without losing focus.
• Our constant process optimization using Kaizen is a matter of course in all of our plants.
• A sustainable energy policy is very important to us.
• We consider eco-friendly production to be our duty.

Sincerity and a healthy economic foundation: That's what we stand for.

Associations and Network

In order to exchange ideas within the sectors in which we are active and to support their interests, C.F. Maier is a member of various networks:

AVK logo

Reinforced Plastics Industry Association (AVK)

C.F. Maier is a member of the AVK as a manufacturer of sophisticated systems and plastic components. The Reinforced Plastics Industry Association is both the oldest interest group in the German plastics industry, and one of the largest European associations in this area. With our membership, we want to strengthen the plastics industry in Germany and contribute to promoting innovation.


VDWF logo

German Tool and Mold Makers’ Association (VDWF)

To manufacture components optimally adapted to our customers’ requirements, C.F. Maier takes on not only the production of plastic components, but also their design, development, and toolmaking. CF Maier is therefore a member of the VDWF. We would like to use our membership to contribute to both the exchange within the association network and the industry’s visibility in Germany.


Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland logo

Business Juniors Germany (WJD)

CF Maier is a member of the largest network of young businesspeople in Germany. With our membership, we want to promote committed executives under the age of 40, and support an important platform for economic, political, and social discourse.


CIVD logo

Caravanning Industry Association (CVID)

As a supplier to several well-known manufacturers of recreational vehicles, C.F. Maier a supporting member of the CIVD. The Caravanning Industry Association represents the interests and concerns of the caravanning industry. With our membership, we support the association as the voice of the industry to political representatives, the media, and the public.


Our Company History

The foundry

In 1925, Christian Maier established a metal foundry in Heidenheim an der Brenz, in which his son Friedrich later also worked.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic stacking tanks

Betting on the future of the glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) material gradually emerging in Germany in the 1950s, Christian and Friedrich Maier founded C.F. Maier in 1964 – the first plastics company in what would later become a company group. The company headquarters are in Königsbronn, and they process fiber composite plastics. The company’s name consists of the initials of the first names and the surname of its founders.

VW camper with SCA high roof

1987 saw the birth of C.F. Maier Polymertechnik. New plastics and processes were making inroads. In the same year, C.F. Maier purchased the SCA brand and began the production of high roofs, pop-up roofs, and lifting roofs for mobile homes.

The C.F. Maier Polymertechnik plant in Schillingsfürst

To support the continuous growth of the company, a new location was opened in Schillingsfürst in 1991: C.F. Maier Polymertechnik moved. In 1999 the factory was also expanded.

C.F. Maier locations in Tunisia, the USA, Turkey and Hungary

In 1988, the first C.F. Maier foreign company was founded in Tunisia called Industrie Tuniso-Allemande du Plastique (ITAP). Other foreign companies soon follow: 1990 - C.F. Maier Composites in Colorado, 1996 - C.F. Maier Polimer Teknik in Turkey, and 2002 - C.F. Maier Polimer Technikai in Hungary.

Main entrance

To improve the organization and coordination of orders, the C.F. Maier Europlast was founded in 2000. This acts as a development and sales company, so that the synthetic resin company in Königsbronn, the polymer technology company in Schillingsfürst, ITAP, and later the foreign companies in Turkey and Hungary can all serve as pure production facilities.

Carbon fiber reinforced plastic vehicle armature

In 2008, carbon fiber reinforced synthetic resins (CFRP) were processed for the first time in the Königsbronn synthetic resin company.

Two exhibition vehicles in the factory hall of SCA Service

SCA Service GmbH & Co KG was founded in 2020. With SCA-Service, for the first time, high and pop-up roofs are sold not only to camper van providers, but also to end customers. The camping product range was expanded.

Mixing plant at the C.F. Maier Polymertechnik factory, Schillingsfürst

The C.F. Maier Polymertechnik factory in Schillingsfürst was expanded again in 2021.

Cover of the company chronicle «50 Jahre C.F. Maier»

Our Chronicle «50 Jahre C.F. Maier»

• Hardcover edition
• 134 pages
• Author: Friedrich Maier
• Published by C.F. Maier GmbH & Co KG

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