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Bicycle stand from the product family city:hub
Bench with green side wall made of fiberglass reinforced plastic
Illuminated modules from the city:mod product family
The functionality of the modules from the product family city:mod can be extended by various additions
Illustration of a street furniture unit with seating and green side wall

Functional outdoor furniture

C. F. Maier’s new street furniture concept combines interior design, 5G network expansion, digital functions, sustainability and ecological issues.

The expansion of the 5G network is necessary to greatly increase the response speed of the radio network. C.F. Maier City Solutions offer individual systems with which corresponding 5G radio stations and antennas can be suitably integrated into the cityscape, thus setting the course for a digital future. In order to meet and combine the complex requirements of material and ecology in addition to technology in the sustainable design of public space, a targeted approach is required.

Our innovative urban furniture

  • includes seating, lounging and shelter options, as well as integrated lighting systems that reduce anxiety areas in public spaces at night
  • serves as a WIFI hotspot and charging station for mobile devices via USB interfaces or induction charging devices
  • generates the required electricity itself via solar panels. Batteries allow electricity to be stored for times of day and year when the sun is not shining. Surpluses can be fed into the public power grid.
  • allows urban space to benefit from integrated green spaces, ranging from tree planting to innovative planting concepts such as «green walls»
  • is made of a radiolucent material that allows antennas to be accommodated without being visually intrusive
  • is very robust and flame-retardant and thus vandalism-proof as well as corrosion- and weather-resistant, thus it is particularly characterized by its durability
  • assembles as a modular system, so that different objects can be combined with each other in any way, creating a varied yet consistent appearance
Bench with green side wall made of fiberglass reinforced plastic

Product family city:hub – geometric shapes combined in various ways

  • predominantly simple, linear forms
  • planar elements
  • formally related elements like trapezoids or rectangular shapes
  • canopies for rain protection and solar panel support
  • application as stand-alone objects such as planting or recyclable material containers
  • vertical walls can be covered with greenery or used as advertising space

The modular system combines various functions:

  • seating facilities
  • sunbathing facilities
  • bicycle racks
  • display boards

Integrated environmental sensors

  • weather data
  • current fine dust values
  • noise pollution

The hexagonal modules of the city:mod series can be combined in any way.

Product family city:mod – freely combinable modular system

  • as an architectural element in the public space as harmonious as functional
  • connection and overlapping of different hexagonal geometries
  • countless combination possibilities
  • can be used standing up or lying down
  • technological integration through invisibly integrated sensors

Arrangement of elements as a playscape

  • tunnels
  • climbing elements
  • possibilities for jumping or hiding games
  • randomly arranged elements challenge the children's inventive spirit
  • numerous creative play possibilities in, on or around the furniture are conceivable


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