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Übersichtsplan der Abdecksysteme für die Kläranlage Jeddah North, Saudi-Arabien
Passgenaue Montage: Aufsetzen einer vormontierten Kuppel mit einem Mobilkran
Abdeckung eines Schneckenpumpwerks in Göttingen
3D-Visualisierung einer Sammelbecken-Abdeckung
Abdecksystem von C.F. Maier auf Becken mit 32 Metern Durchmesser in Alicante, Spanien

Covering Systems

C.F. Maier has over 40 years of experience in the field of large-area covering systems made of glass fiber reinforced polyester resin. We offer numerous modular system variants, as well as special constructions.

Our company has manufactured large-area covering systems made of glass fiber reinforced polyester resin for technical buildings since 1978. One of the oldest C.F. Maier coverings has been in use at a German industrial chemical plant since 1979. Covering around 58,000 m², it is one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

Our protection and closure elements are suitable for applications such as tanks, silos, large containers, or conveyor systems.

The functions and dimensions of such covers do not allow for a standard design. But to ensure economical and cost efficiency, we offer numerous modular system variants of our products. Special constructions, such as non-round covers, are easily done. Over the years, many such innovative constructions have been created – some with very large spans.

As part of project management, we offer support in your selection of the right type, construction, static calculations and approving the building dimensions on site. Our experienced teams also takes care of the final installation on site.

Our fiberglass products

  • protect against the weather (rain, snow, hail, cold, air, light), such as for silos.

  • protect against outside dirt from dust or drifting sand, such as for water tanks and clarifiers.

  • suppress odors which may be a nuisance to residents, such as in thickeners and sludge silos in sewage treatment plants.

  • prevent the spread of aerosols, such as in aeration tanks in sewage treatment plants.

  • prevent evaporation losses, such as for water storage tanks.

  • encapsulate sources of outdoor noise, such as pumps, turbines, and elevators in water and waste water technology.

  • maintain a prescribed temperature, such as in biological wastewater treatment plants.

  • protect against the infiltration of germs (including from birds) in sewage treatment plants.

Wertstoffbehälter aus witterungsbeständigem, voll recyclefähigen Polyethylen
Oekotub-Behälter in Sonderfarbe an einer Autobahnraststätte
Container für das Altglas-Recycling
Aus glasfaserverstärktem Polyesterharz gefertigte Oekotub-Wertstoffbehälter
Die platzsparenden Recyclingbehälter «Oekotub» in Wertstoffkennfarben

Recycling Systems

Recycling systems are an integral part of the C.F. Maier product range. We offer three different types of recycling bins in different shapes and sizes.

C.F. Maier has been producing plastic recycling containers for over 40 years, and correspondingly our products have been used successfully in many cities for several decades. All our containers have been styled by recognized designers and score points not only for their functionality, but also their looks.

Oekotub – space-saving container concept made of glass fiber reinforced polyester resin

In cities, space is a precious commodity – which made it all the more important to us to find a space-saving concept for recycling containers with an attractive design. Due to the practical disc shape, our Oekotub containers can easily be placed in a row at the collection point.


  • Excellent container tightness
  • Durable GF-UP material (glass fiber reinforced polyester resin)
  • Efficient emptying mechanism through the usual crane system


  • Two available container sizes: 2 m³ or 3 m³ capacity
  • Available in material identification colors, in a standard shade of beige or, if larger quantities are required, also in special colors


  • Centering frame for exact positioning
  • Flame retardant resin additives and fire protection coating for wastepaper containers (alternatively: containers of the same design but made of steel)
  • Two levels of sound insulation for glass containers
  • Handling device for efficient and convenient remote control when emptying
Krötentreppe aus GFK an der Seitenwand eines Wasserbeckens
Europäischer Laubfrosch
Regenwasser auf dem Weg zum Regenrückhaltebecken
Konstruktionszeichnung eines Regenrückhaltebeckens mit zwei Amphibientreppen
Froschleiter aus glasfaserverstärktem Kunststoff in einem Regenbecken

Frog ladders for amphibian protection

Our frog ladder is a practical exit aid for amphibians trapped in clarification tanks. Animals can leave the tanks by themselves using the GRP ramp.

Further information: www.froschleiter.de


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