For Greater Economic Efficiency: Just In Time and Just In Sequence

For efficiency and economy, we have optimized the production and logistics processes in our company so that we are not only able to deliver just in time (JIT), but also just in sequence (JIS).

Just in time means you receive the right goods in the right quantity and quality at the right place and at the right time directly on the assembly line. If the components you need differ, in color or quality for example, you also have the option of having the delivery made just in sequence – i.e. in the right order. This shortens the later assembly and your logistical effort.

A glimpse behind the scenes: Several challenges must be faced in order to ensure a just-in-sequence delivery. These primarily include dealing with data interfaces. Our IT department routinely evaluates complex data packages from our partners - and it does this automatically so that the effort remains manageable, and we can offer this additional service at economical prices.

Digitization is key in our logistics. Invoices, invoice verifications, and payment flows, etc. are easily managed using appropriate interfaces. Various programs also simplify processes at individual workplaces in our various plants in Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Tunisia, and the USA.

We constantly strive to optimize by further simplifying our processes and by eliminating potential sources of error. When doing so, we benefit from the experience we have gleaned over the last 10 years in the areas of just-in-sequence and just-in-time production.

We also use our expertise to support customers interested in further developing their procurement logistics. If interested, please contact us.

Pop-up roofs, super-high roofs, coach components, wet rooms, and much more - we serve bite-sized, so to speak.


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