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Our Services

Our range of services includes product development, prototype and sample construction as well as mold and model making, series production and painting.

Surface Treatment

If special colors are desired, or if there are special surface requirements, we are happy to offer priming and final coating.

Fully Automated Adhesion

We don’t just deliver individual parts to our customers, but complete assemblies too!

Assembly of Components

We are happy to assemble parts we have manufactured for our customers.

For Greater Economic Efficiency: Just In Time and Just In Sequence

For efficiency and economy, we have optimized the production and logistics processes in our company so that we are not only able to deliver just in time (JIT), but also just in sequence (JIS).

Quality Control

Our customers are our partners. In order to identify and solve current and future needs, we at C.F. Maier are dedicated to a policy of quality from which we derive our corporate and process goals.


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