With our wide range of plastic processing methods, we are prepared to meet a variety of requirements in terms of things like surface quality, durability, and costs. We offer the right materials to suit different stability, weight, and surface property needs. We process GRP, PUR, SMC, and thermoplastics.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP)

We process fiber composite plastics using (among others) a hand laminate process. In this artisanal process, fiberglass mats are soaked in plastic resin and then milled by hand in several layers into a shape. This enables us to make prototypes and special products in small quantities.

Polyurethane (PUR)

As a plastic that can be processed in many different ways, polyurethane can have many different properties. We process PUR compact foam, integral rigid foam, and semi-rigid foam and combine these materials with glass fibers or fiberglass mats if required. In this way, components that are both light and very sturdy can be produced for a variety of applications, such as housing parts in medical technology, dashboards or interior paneling of commercial vehicles, and armrests or seat cushions for motorhomes. We process PUR in a sandwiched construction with GRP for better insulation – such as for pop-up roofs.

Sheet Molding Compound (SMC)

With sheet molding compound hot presses, low-pressure presses are used to process premixed molding compounds made of plastic resin and fibers into fiber composite plastics. This process allows for the inserts such as fastening elements to be introduced into the tool and thus be integrated during the plastic’s production.


We process all thermoplastics except for PVC. In conjunction with polyurethane parts, thermoplastics offer excellent surface properties for special appearance and haptic requirements. That's why we primarily use thermoplastics to manufacture a wide variety of paneling parts. These are CNC trimmed with a high degree of precision, and then further processed (e.g. ultrasonically welded) according to the customer’s requirements.


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