United for Ukraine

We are an international corporate group with locations in Europe, North Africa, and North America: people from really diverse backgrounds pull together with us. Peaceful coexistence which also spans national borders should be a matter of course – and we are therefore all the more shaken by the current developments in Ukraine.

Even if it can only be a small contribution for those affected by these terrible events, we would like to help the people on-site in Ukraine, and have therefore supported the Stuttgart Rotary Club’s fundraising campaign, the Fellbacher Start-Up Mädchenflohmarkt (girls flea market), the Römerkastell Stuttgart, and the Wirtschaftsjunioren Stuttgart. The packages were sent on March 4th.

On March 24th, we also lent the Heidenheim-fuer-Ukraine.de association our mold-making department’s Fiat Ducato for the transportation of relief supplies to the Polish-Ukrainian border. We will continue to support this important commitment in the future.

We thank all our volunteers for their valuable contribution!

Das von C.F. Maier zur Verfügung gestellte Fahrzeug vor der Abfahrt
An der Grenze
Die Hilfsgüter werden übergeben

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