SCA presents new pop-up roof range for the 2023 Ford Transit Custom and the VW panel van coming in 2024

SCA, a brand of the C.F. Maier-Firmengruppe, is pleased to announce the development of a new range of pop-up roofs for the soon-to-be-available 2023 Ford Transit Custom and the 2024 VW box van. In close cooperation with Ford Motor Company, a product range of familiar high SCA quality has been developed that will convince consumers, fit-out partners and OEMs.

Rendering des SCA 324 aus der späten Phase der Projektentwicklung
Rendering of the SCA 324 from a late stage of project development.

As the leading producer of pop-up roofs in the box van segment, SCA is expanding its product range to include a new family of roofs that will be compatible with both the Ford Transit Custom 2023, due out later this year, and the successor to the VW 6.1, due for release next year, for which the name has not yet been officially confirmed.

The range includes the SCA 324 for the short wheelbase with front set-up, the SCA 326 for the long wheelbase with front set-up and the SCA 327 for the long wheelbase with rear set-up.

Delivery to OEMs for the SCA 324 and for the SCA 327 is scheduled for as early as next September. The entire product range will also be available to equipment partners between fall and winter 2023.

New Transporter Generation at Ford & VW

The new 2023 Ford Transit Custom, announced for the second half of this year, is attracting attention not only because of its new look. The comparatively affordable price, low loading floor height and various drive options as a diesel with optional all-wheel drive, plug-in hybrid or as a fully electric Ford E-Transit Custom, also promise a breath of fresh air for the van market.

At the same time, the Transit Custom creates the basis for the VW panel van announced for 2024 - the successor to the popular T6.1. With an increased amount of space and rectangular geometry of the body, it offers fitters completely new possibilities in the design of floor plans and creates potential for intelligent kitchens or washroom solutions, for example.

For all these versions, there will be a matching SCA roof that is designed specifically to meet the requirements of consumers, fit-out partners and OEMs.

Familiar quality, innovative new features

Developed in close cooperation with Ford, the new roof family features the familiar SCA quality, built on the proven foundation of the SCA 290, while also incorporating innovative new features. The sophisticated appearance, optimized using findings from wind tunnel as well as crash tests, was devised by external design specialists to match the more modern appearance of the vehicles.

Using sandwich construction, excellent sound and thermal insulation is created while maintaining the same wall thickness, while the panoramic fabric bellows ensure good ventilation and provide great views. Thanks to the smooth exterior - available in all paint finishes from the factory - the installation of solar foil panels is no problem, adding only minimally to the overall vehicle height.

Among other things, a completely new feature is the innovative reclining mechanism with a plate-sprung slatted frame, which has been designed to be particularly efficient, thereby enabling a lower body height.

A dimmable lighting concept in the form of a continuous light frame, which illuminates the interior in a pleasant warm white, is also being used for the first time. The inclusion of slots in the rear section of the roof also provides the option of installing an air-conditioning duct and tempering the sleeping area as desired.

All variants are supplied with an integrated reinforcing frame, which can reduce installation times by up to 30 percent.

SCA is convinced of the quality of the new roofs and expects customers and partners to share the same opinion.

Debut at the Caravan Salon 2023

A first opportunity to experience the SCA 324 live will be available to the public at the Caravan Salon 2023, which will be held in Düsseldorf from August 25 to September 3.

This is where Ford will be presenting a vehicle with a built-in SCA roof at the stand of Vanexxt, a vehicle conversion company. Models equipped with the SCA 324 will also be presented at the Panama and Bürstner booths.

The complete product range will then be presented in full detail by SCA in January 2024 at the CMT in Stuttgart from January 13 to 21.

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