C. F. Maier | CAD-Konstruktion
C. F. Maier | Formenbau
Mould making
C. F. Maier | Stahl-Presswerkzeug
Steel compression mould
C. F. Maier | Einbaufertiger Omnibus-Arbeitsplatz
Ready-to-install driver cockpit
C. F. Maier | Armaturentafel
Instrument panel

Product Range

From the beginning, C.F. Maier supplemented its range of services and products consequently with new products, processes and services around the products. C.F. Maier accompanies new projects from the design idea through construction, models, prototypes as well as tools and production devices to series production. The development and production of complex, ready-to-mount components is one of our core competences.

We face the diverging requirements of our customers with a versatile program of materials and processes. We offer the best suited material for each application. If different materials are combined in a product, C.F. Maier offers a one-stop solution until completion of the product.

Please find detailed information on our product portfolio and process techniques in our magazines Europlast-Report 19 (special report on coaches), Europlast-Report 20, Europlast-Report 21 and Europlast-Report 22 (special report on PUR-Foaming and Thermoforming).