Brochures by C.F. Maier

Please find more information about our product range and process techniques in following brochures:

Europlast-Report 19  special report on coaches

Europlast-Report 20

Europlast-Report 21  with emphasis on coaches, mobile work machines and special-purpose vehicles

Europlast-Report 22  with emphasis on PU and thermoforming

Europlast-Report 23  leisure cars

Europlast-Report 24  CFRP - for more information on our product portfolio and our processing technologies

Europlast-Report 25  with emphasis on CFRP

Europlast-Report 26  with emphasis on PU thermoforming

Europlast-Report 28  The SMC process

Europlast-Report 29  The VEX process




You will find application examples, technical information and explanations for C.F. Maier covering systems in following brochures:

Abdecksysteme / Covering Systems and in the Europlast-Report 27.

Abdecksysteme - Technical Concept